How to build a new water store for 100-3000 cubic meters of water in a few days? Just contact us and we will take care of everything!
We offer:
  • Preparation of the project, water store connections, guidelines for the site
  • Selection of suitable pumps
  • Supervision of site preparation according to guidelines
  • Transport of the tanks to destination place
  • Assembly of the tanks and connections required for the temporary storage of water
  • Frost protection (heating of the tanks in periods of winter)
  • Rental of flexible water tanks
  • Rental of pumps
  • Service of tanks and pumps 24h / day
  • Transfer of water to the place indicated by the Employer
  • Disassembly of the pillow tanks, hoses and manifolds
Currently, for the temporary storage of water we dispose
  • Pillow tanks: 200 m3 (14 pcs)
  • Hoses DN102 (total approx. 1300m,  lenght 5 and 30m)
  • Hoses DN203 (total approx. 40m, lenght 5 and 6m)
  • DN200 collectors (8 x 4 "and 2 x 8")
  • The heating mats, size 10m x 16m (12 sets)

Why should you work with us?
  • Flexible offer
  • Short time of mobilization
  • Proven technology
  • Full service
  • Exflo = reliable partner
  • Full mobility: Europe in 48 hours!