flexible, portable, pillow tanks, for water, liquid fertillizer, slurry, oilsWhy our tanks flexible is a good choice?
Technology of storing liquids in flexible tanks gains more and more supporters in the world. This is due to a number of benefits, coming from flexible-tanks choice:
  • Saves time: even a few days from order to installation
  • Without unnecessary permissions: the tanks are not permanently attached to the ground
  • Mobility: The ability to change the location of the tank after unloading
  • Space saving: the opportunity to perform tanks under the dimension of a particular site or warehouse
  • Safety: we use only special, super-durable and dedicated fabrics and proven technologies
Which liquids that can be stored in flexible pillow tanks?
Exflo offers flexible pillow tanks for storage:
  • process water
  • fire water
  • drinking water
  • rainwater
  • slurry
  • Liquid fertilizer (like type RSM)
  • Other liquids - tanks developed on request
What is range of the available capacity of flexible tanks?
Currently we offer tanks with from 500l to 250 000 liters. We offer flexible tanks with capacity and equipment as standards of model series but also as manufacturer we can offer portable tanks with customized dimensions, amount of inlets and valves.
How long is the assembly a flexible tank?
Assembly of our flexible tanks is relatively simple. User needs: unfold the tank, connect the fittings, and screw elements of the corners (depending on model). The duration of the operation is relatively small: for example assembly of flexible tank of a capacity 200m3, takes for 30 minutes.

All flexible tanks offered by Exflo are manufactured in Poland.

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