16 February 2017

Water heating in portable flexible tanks - Exflo first in Poland

For the first time in Poland process water heating was used in a flexibletank while conducting a fracturing on the wellbore Lewinoin November 2013 for the company San Leon Energy. Rubo system heated the water stored in 12 tanks Rubo Waterbase200 m3 (total of 2,400 m3).(Exflo, earlier WEI Polska for United Oilfield Services).  The heating mats system warmed water stored in 12 tanks Rubo tanks 200 m3 (in total of 2,400 m3). We now have the possibility of heating water in 12 reservoirs flexible, which makes us the only company in Poland which might offer this type of service. Our customers can therefore create a temporary water store (from the purpose of fire-protecting or to the technological processes) in the winter months....
1 February 2017


Benefits of use liquid fertilizer type RSM convince a growing number of farmers. Storage Technology of RSM requires appropriate tanks: double-skinned, resistant to the corrosive action. Flexible tank as Farmer UAN - is a product of Exflo, which allows...
9 January 2017

Temporary noise barriers on Boruja Wellsite.

Service of noise reduction is a relatively recently introduced product in our range. We make it based on produced for own use acoustic mat, filled with special sound-absorbing core. In recent years, have made such a service among others: wellsite Boruja....




Exflo Sp. o.o. is a Polish company, which originates from the Rubo Group and which has existed from over 25 years. Exflo has collected intensively his experience in area of products and services based on flexible technical textiles since 2011.

The biggest part of our offer are flexible pillow tanks. Based on our own-Rubo flexible tanks, we have served several projects, where it has been collected in the smallest 150 m3 of water and in the largest up to 3 000 m3. Most of these services were connected with storage of water for hydraulic fracturing process but were also our "pillows" were used as a temporary fire water tanks in the process of building or storing water during the modernization of the fixed tanks.
The offer of Exflo includes the full service: including assembly, heating of the liquid, 24-hour service and water transfer.

Based on cooperation with laboratories, the world's best suppliers of components and our engineering knowledge and experience, we constantly expanding our offer of the flexible tanks adapting it to the needs of the market. This allows Exflo can offer, not only portable water tanks but also for: liquid fertilizers (including manure and urea-ammonium nitrate solutions RSM), oils, drinking water, rain water, waste water, fuel. Besides them, the company offers flexible berms (secondary containment) of materials with high chemical resistance and other products and tanks, made-to-measure or on the basis of an individual project.

Our offer includes also rental of the hoses, manifolds and services related to noise reduction provides with our own-made noise barriers (acoustic mats).